About me

Hi there! I’m Giovanni, and this is my personal website. I like to learn, discover, and make cool stuff in the process.

I’m also a PhD student at the School of Computing and Mathematics in Plymouth University, under the supervision of  Dr. Serafim Rodrigues. Here I am exploring a range of questions relative to Computation Theory – how to make Neural Networks compute symbolically? – and to the interesting computational properties of Dynamical Systems with heteroclinic-like behaviour.

I’m principally interested in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, especially when they are applied to systems that can interact with their environments. As my PhD project suggests, my current research interest is the exploration of the interface between symbolic computation and non-symbolic systems, and how these can be used in applications. This area has immense theoretical and practical potential, and I want to be in the front line to witness the progress happening (with my help!). The logo in the upper left corner represents a stylized neuron – a non-symbolic system – containing a symbol.

The website is here to showcase my work, what I’ve worked on and what I am working on now, to attract people that share my interests and want to discuss them – and people who are just curious and want to borrow a line of code here and there. 

In my spare time I like to play some music, annoy my girlfriend, and start side projects.

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